Remote start when user not logged in

mtatmcmtatmc Member
I want to log in via SSH to a Mac running 10.5.2 and Vine 3.0. I want to log in to a user account not otherwise logged on to the Mac and from that user account start Vine such that I can then use Vine Viewer to launch a VNC session to the Mac and log in to the user account GUI interface.

Is this possible?

I am trying to avoid having to have all potential users of the Mac have to ALWAYS be logged on from the desktop.

Thank you


  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    Currently this is only possible through Vine by using the System Server to Fast-User-Switch and then login to the new user. This creates an appropriate GUI Context for the Vine Server to serve which can be done with a Vine Desktop Server. Unfortunately this impacts any user running on the console.

    There ARE ways to do this without disrupting the console user but they aren't integrated into Vine -- if you (or anyone else) finds any way to do this conveniently (eg from a terminal, from some system calls, etc) we would LOVE to hear about it and would work hard to integrate it directly into the Vine Server.
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