Running Vine as application on start up.

ntloserntloser Member
I decided to fore go running the system service with the Vine settings after all the problems I experience, I eventually went back to Tiger and Vine 2.2.

Well, I am back to Leopard and Vine 3.0 and noticed if I start Vine as an application automatically at login, the server will not be started if I have the "hide" option selected.

It has been about 6 moths since I was last here and I am surprised there hasn't been any updates.

Is everything okay?


  • jlg89jlg89 Member
    Same problem here. Wondering if there's a fix in the works. I will say that 3.0 is a significant improvement over 2.2, kudos to the programmers!
  • jlg89jlg89 Member
    This problem is fixed in the Vine Server 3.1 Beta.
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