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I am a high school teacher and I'm considering getting a class set of 25 iPads. I'm looking around at VNC solutions and I came across the vine product here.

There are some flash-based sites I'd like to use despite the iPads lack of flash.

My question is - if I'm running a new core2duo mac mini at the front of the classroom - how many simultaneous connections/sessions could the mini support without being too slowed down?

From looking around the forum it seems like I couldn't have the students view video or play sounds. Instead I'm thinking of say 25 max browser sessions using flash-based quiz/slideshow/interactive activities.

Would this be possible or would the mac mini be overwhelmed?

Also - on a side note - if anyone has any advice about a VNC SERVER for the iPad so students can view each other's devices that would be great.

Thanks so much.



  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    Very interesting question and a unique idea to overcome the no-flash on iPad.

    On the first issue; could 25 student sessions connect to a MacMini? I have to say that I don't think the mini could support that many GUI sessions, the VNC demand isn't too bad, but running 25 WindowServers probably is. We have run that many sessions on a loaded out XServe with lots of memory, but probably not on a Mini. I also think you won't be able to get enough WiFi bandwidth to make that an acceptable performance for the students. I personally find that my WiFi-G performance drops once I have more than 5 simultaneous active VNC connections (home-network), so I think 25 would be a real push.

    On the second issue, I'm also sorry to say that VNC Servers won't work on the current iPad/iPhone OS because of the inability to run background processes.

    I would love to hear if you come up with any other solutions however, it sounds like a great project. There is a lot of hope that Flash providers will soon be creating iPhoneOS compatible versions of their sites, but that might be a little while out yet.
  • Thanks for your reply Jonathan.

    Sounds like I'll have to come up with another solution.

    Unless of course there is a jailbreak version... I haven't found one but perhaps that could work - at least for me being able to view their ipads from my laptop. Any leads out there on that?

    Thanks, Sam
  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    There are jailbreak VNC servers for iPhone OS, most notably Veency. I haven't actually seen if it's running on the iPad yet, but my guess is that it is.
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