Where can I download the OS9vnc 3.5.1?

The recomended VNC Servers for Eggplant for Mac OS 8/9 platform is "OS9vnc 3.5.1" but when I clicked the link to download the OS9vnc 3.5.1, the downloaded file (.sit) is still OS9vnc 3.5.0.



  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    That's the right file. I think the archive is just misnamed/misnumbered.
  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    Our apologies but there never was a version 3.5.1 of OS9vnc. That reference appeared when we downloaded the 3.5.0 package multiple times and Safari chose to rename it 3.5.1.

    The support page has been corrected to list the version number appropriately as 3.5.0.
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