Combining Suites


So I have about 6 suites for different browsers, so far I have been running them separately manually. Is there any way to call one suite from another, so when one finishes, the other starts automatically.

Or a way to combine the suites as one.



  • I think I found a solution,

    I just used opensuite command to open another suite and ran a script from it in the current suite.

    following code is in scriptA.script in Suite A

    OpenSuite "SuiteB.suite"

    run "ScriptB.script"
  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    In addition to the approach you discovered, you can add suites as Helpers to the current suite or you can set the InitialSuites global property:
    set the InitialSuites to ("suiteB", "suiteC")
    Either of these approaches will allow you to call a script in another suite as though it were part of the current suite (just as you have done with the OpenSuite command).
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