Vine 3.0

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Redstone is pleased to announce Vine 3.0.

This release includes new versions of Vine Viewer and Vine Server with a host of new features and options.

  • Full Screen Mode
  • International Keyboard Support
  • Leopard Compatibility Fixes
  • Simplified Server Interface
  • UltraVNC Login Support[/list:u]
    Specific Release Notes:
  • New Full Screen Mode
  • UltraVNC authentication

  • Added a basic control panel
  • Moved settings to a dedicate Preference Pane.
  • Moved "View Log" and "Reverse Connection" to menus/sheets
  • Added external IP lookup and ability to verify access to your VNC server from detected IPs
  • Always allow a server restart from the UI
  • Panel to prevent accidentally quitting Vine Server when users are connected

  • Better IP and DNS resolution so that initial startup is not delayed (as can happen on Leopard)
  • Added LaunchD support for the System Server on 10.4 and 10.5
  • Fixed a Leopard issue with displaying an extra icon
  • Added better versioning (AVS)

    VNC Server
  • Added support for Unicode keyboard (10.4+)
  • Added support to detect keyboard type (10.4+)
  • Added support to control where events enter the system (Event Taps) (10.4+)
  • Fixed a bug auto-detecting the proper port when SSH-only was checked.
  • Fixed a lockup problem in the OSXvnc-server process that could occur with Rich Clipboard Support enabled.
  • Fixed a problem repeatedly trying to send an empty clipboard buffer.
  • Fixed a bug with restoring otherArguments from defaults

    Vine 3.0 can be downloaded here - Vine 3.0 (Viewer and Server)

    You can request a trial key from within the Vine Viewer application or from our website.


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