Strange 'runscript' behaviour

I just upgraded to the 1.5 version, and then had some issues with the 'runscript' command.

I was getting something like:
2004-06-08 09:39:56.272 runscript[1021] runscript (1.5) running in FULL mode on Host:65caa0a4.
2004-06-08 09:39:56.274 runscript[1021] Trying to connect - xxxxx.local: 5901
2004-06-08 09:39:56.340 runscript[1021] No Authentication Needed
2004-06-08 09:39:56.341 runscript[1021] CONNECTING TO SERVER xxx.local
Screen Size 1024 X 768 [32 24 1 1]
2004-06-08 09:39:56.500 runscript[1021] Connection Established
2004-06-08 09:39:56.585 runscript[1021] *** -[STCentral setScriptAnimation:]: selector not recognized
2004-06-08 09:39:56.586 runscript[1021] Exception running EggplantTestScript SomeSuite.suite - SomeTest.script:
NSInvalidArgumentException: *** -[STCentral setScriptAnimation:]: selector not recognized

If I opened eggplant, navigated to the script and run it, it works fine. Then, when I returned to the command line again, everything seems to work.

Was it just some artifacts leftover from a previous version, or is there something I can do to ensure the error doesn't pop up? We use the 'runscript' command for nightly runs, so no one is around to watch it.



  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin

    This looks like an interesting bug that you've uncovered. The SenseTalk runtime is being initialized earlier than it should be to cause this error. We have made a correction that will be part of the next maintenance release (whatever comes after 1.5) that will prevent this possibility in the future.

    It may make a difference in how you are calling the runscript command and it may make a difference for scripts that haven't previously been opened in Eggplant in 1.5. I'm confident that once you have opened a script and have called it succesfully using a particular syntax that it will continue to work.
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