Using Text Image on Vista

I am currently evaluating Purple and field a short test script to play around with text imaging against my Vista SUT. As far as I undestand I need to use the exact (or at least I should) use the exact font for instance to locate and click on a objects on the desktop.

My Vista SUT shows that "Segoe UI" is used for "Icon" objects, but If I look at my Purple installation running on a Mac OS X 10.4 I do not find that font in the text disc image pull down menu for fonts.

How do I get that font in that list?

I am using Eggplant Purple 4.1, RealVNC 4.3.2 and Eggplant Text Image Generator 1.0.2 (I just doubleclicked it) on the SUT.

Thanks for ans insights and clarifications.


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