Viewer windows repeat themselves

derbyderby Member
1. I am testing the VNC connection. When I open the connection to the Vine Server, using Vine Viewer, I can see my screen in the new window, but then another window opens, and another...

What setting is incorrect that allows the viewer window to multiply over and over.

Note: I am using Lighthouse to do port mapping.

2. When I select SSH from the Vine Server, the IP addresses do not turn green. I believe it was mentioned in another post that this is normal due to a bug. Am I correct? I tried using Terminal to determine SSH connection, but it didn't show success.

So, how do I eliminate the repeating viewer window, and can I complete an SSH connection. Again, the SSH connection will use Lighthouse to open the port for the server. I'm testing this for a situation where the router will be inaccessible.


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