Image recognsed, then fails.

How is it that this code fails where indicated?
	if imagefound("ScrollDButton") then
		click "ScrollDButton"  -- This line fails.  
	end if

If the image has been found, then surely it must be able to be clicked?


  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    Generally we would only expect something like that to happen if the image is transient. Best practices would suggest that you shouldn't actually search the second time and might instead click in the foundImageLocation()
    if imageFound("ScrollDButton") then
        click foundImageLocation()
    end if
    However if you are repeatedly seeing a problem where it's failing to find that image a second time (when in fact it is there) then please send the image and the error screen shot into support so we can look at it.
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