Does Egg Plant recognize three dimensional objects

We are looking for a tool that will recognize three dimensional objects, would like to know if Egg Plant is the right tool. Please do let us know.



  • Eggplant can only recognize 3D objects from a two dimensional perspective.
  • So you mean to say that all the 3D objects when converted to 2D will recognised by Egg Plant, please let me know any site with 3D objects which will be recognised by Egg Plant

  • What I mean is, Eggplant can only recognize images. For instance, when you are looking at a 3D object on the screen, you are actually viewing that object from a 2D perspective.

    For Eggplant to understand that an object is 3D, you would need to capture images of that object from different angles because Eggplant, like a real person can only view the screen from a 2D perspective.
  • Sure - anything that's on a machine running VNC. If you're talking about shaders that will change the look of something, so that you think it's the same 3D object whether it's indoors, outdoors, noon, or sunset depending on the lighting, then you'll have to either use % pixels off (discrepancy search) or run the image through your own filters to help you figure it out. I wanted to write the "what's the dog doing" app with Eggplant, where you could use the iSight camera to periodically check in on where the dog was based on comparing screen shots of the room... I guess most dogs are 3D :-).

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