VS 3.1 Beta 2: Incorrect (?) Password & Red Status

I'm trying to setup Vine Server 3.1 Beta 2 on a new Mac running Leopard, and I can't figure out what's going on. I set the system server to be port 5901 (display 1), and to require a password. I started the system server, opened a port redirect on the router for 5901 to the new Mac, restarted the Mac, and I can't connect from the outside world. It seems to go through, but then it says incorrect password. I typed in the password several times, then deleted all traces of Vine server preferences/login items/etc. but still no go. Also, the outside/WAN IP is in red, even through I opened the correct port.

My other Mac (also running Leopard and Vine 3.1B2) has absolutely no problems. No Firewall settings are different, port conflicts, etc.

What's going on?
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