RemoteClipBoard() sometimes grabs from the non-SUT computer

So the problem is that I am using my MAC to run tests on a Windows XP SUT.
Basically I am trying to control c some text on the SUT and then store it in a variable. The code I am using is as follows.

Drag (235,260)
Drop (995,260)
TypeText "\cc\C"
set x = Remoteclipboard()
delete the last character in x
log x

The code works fine sometimes but once I do a command c on my MAC that isn't the SUT then when I rerun the script it keeps grabbing the clipBoard information from my MAC where Eggplant is running. Any ideas on how to stop this. If I close Eggplant and restart it then the script will run fine and grab information from the right clipboard until I do a command c on a script I am working on in Eggplant.


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