setting shellCommand

Is there some defaults write I can do so that

the shellCommand

is bash and not sh?


  • SenseTalkDougSenseTalkDoug ForumAdmin admin
    To set it in a script, you can do this:
    set the shellCommand to "/bin/bash"
    To set the default value using defaults write, give this command in a Terminal window:
    defaults write com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant STShellCommand "/bin/bash"
    The initial values of all SenseTalk global properties can be set in this way (there's a little note in the SenseTalk Reference manual about this, as well as a mention in the Release Notes).
  • Dang - I'm still not picking up all my export (path) options in bash, though. Not an Eggplant thing, it's a "I forget things I don't touch often" thing...
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