TypeText resulting in munged text

Good afternoon all,

I'm having difficulty with the following script:
Click "Person Field"
TypeText "\o\v"
Click "Joe Johnson"
Click "Project Field"
TypeText "\o\v"
Click "New Project Field"
(* The line immediately below (or perhaps above) is causing the issue! *)
TypeText "Eggplant"
Click "Date Field"
Click "Other Date"
Click "Date Text Field"
(* This line is causing problems too! *)
TypeText "111504"
Click "Duration Field"
Click "Six Point Five"
Click "Add Time"
WaitFor 8.0, "New Project Result"

The resulting text is pretty mangled ("Eggplant? yields ?? ??????" on the SUT). I thought the problem might be related to VNC but I was able to switch from capture to live mode and type the text by hand and it appeared properly on the SUT.

The Eggplant system is a G5 runnning OS X 10.3.6. The connection to the SUT (G4 running OS X 10.3.2) is via OSXvnc.

BTW, the test succeeds but is storing "junk" in the test database.




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