How to estimate size of Quicktime Movie

Do you have any numbers how big a Quicktime Movie may become, when lets say used vs a 1280x1024 setting...

- per 10 minutes 1GB?

Any other estimates or things to consider?


  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    Your best bet is to record 30 seconds and then multiply that by 20. That should give you a reasonable estimate of the size of a 10-minute movie. We haven't got a matrix of screen size vs movie size per unit of time. The movies are big because they don't use any compression -- you can use another tool to post process them and make them significantly smaller.
  • There are many, of which is MPEG Streamclip which does a fine job of saving about 95-98% disk space on average for me.
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