How to enter a random set of characters from a Masterlist

I need to typetext a random set of 10 characters from a master list of 100 characters.Can anyone help me out with sample code.
Thanks in Advance


  • SenseTalkDougSenseTalkDoug ForumAdmin admin
    That's a great question. Here's one approach that will work:
    set masterList to "!".."z" -- (or whatever master list you want)
    set randomText to empty
    repeat 10 times
        put any item of masterList after randomText
    end repeat
    TypeText randomText
  • It's Works gr8!It generates in lighting fast.Thanks

    I tried similar to that but,i added typetext inside the loop so it took long time to generate something like this
    repeat 5 times
    	put ("$,&,*,!,@,#,$,<,>,(,),&,%") into nl
    	put Random(number of items in nl) into rint
    	put item rint of nl into rname 
    	TypeText rname 
    end repeat
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