How to setsearchRectangle based on a reference point

Anyone help me out with the syntax for - How to setSearchRectangle based on a reference point (button).


  • Hi coolmahen--

    You can set the search rectangle based on an image search as well as regular co-ordinates using the imageLocation() function:
    put imageLocation("topLeftImage") into top_left
    put imageLocation("bottomRightImage") into bottom_right
    set the searchrectangle to (top_left, bottom_right)
    You can also combine the above into a single line like this:
    set the searchrectangle to (imageLocation("topLeftImage"), imageLocation("bottomRightImage"))
    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Allen javascript:emoticon(':lol:')

    My query is little bit different.i have only 1 image available to capture .That will be my reference point.I need a make a search rectanngle based on the co-ordinates .

    Assuming there is a dropdown button.once i clicked the dropdown button .i want to seach for an image in the dropdown list .i want to move my searchrectangle co-ordinates based on the dropdown button.

    If the Image is not available in the Rectangle.How to change the rectangle co-ordinate by using repeat loops for n times.

    Hope you catch my question

    Thanks in Advance
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