Add suite folder for Data

I've added a folder called Data to my suites to contain sets of test data and obscured passwords. I've tried to reference them from my scripts but have had no luck to date; reading them from my desktop is no problem (e.g., put line 1 of file "~/desktop/test_password.txt" into password ). If this doesn't already exist, could you add a simple way to cluster test data with their test suites?

Many thanks, Bruce


  • Yeah that would be pretty nice

    I had the same idea that you did and do the following that you may/ may not do already to get to files in the data folder

    I declare a universal var called dataFolder at the top of each script/function

    then assign to dataFolder like so...
    put chars 1 to -8 of my directory & "Data" into dataFolder

    and then reference any file I want like so
    put file dataFolder & "/file.txt" into var1
  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    Hi, Bruce:

    This is an intriguing idea and we're discussing it. In the meantime, here's some info to keep you going:
    • You can find out what the current "working" directory is by running the following command:
      put the directory
    • You can set the current working directory with this command:
      set the directory to "path/to/my/directory"
    • If you haven't specifically set the working directory, it defaults to the default directory for saving suites.
    • You can get the parent directory of a script by asking for its folder (or directory):
      put my folder
      You could then easily refer to a folder at the same level in the Suite as the Scripts folder with the following code:
      put my folder into dataFolder
      put "Data" into the last item delimited by "/" of dataFolder
      [color=green]// gives you "/path/to/my/suite/Data"[/color]
      The dataFolder variable now refers to a folder called Data at the top level of the current Suite.[/list:u]
      Thanks for the suggestion. I hope these tips help.

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