How to get the actual foundimage location


I have created a folder with name "All", and I have created 5 sub folders in this names as "A","C","D","E","F"
each sub folder contains 3 images.

// for example I am searching for the image which is in sub folder D, which is present on the screen

I will search with the main folder path imagefound("All) simply, with out providing the path imagefound("All/D")

if imagefound("All)

end if

By doing this the image is found.
I want the actual found image path


  • you can do that by using

    if imagefound("All") then
    put FoundImageInfo()'s ImagePath
    end if

    the following will just display the filename of the image without its path

    if imagefound("All") then
    Put the LastPathComponent of FoundImageInfo()'s ImagePath
    end if
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