import excel sheet into eggplant and store it into files or

I want to import an excel sheet or any .CSV file to the egg plant and store it in any containers or write it any file so that i can use the values for parameterize te input data for the test run.
Iam lookin at something like datatable.import("c:/Files/Excelsheet.xls")
through which we can import a excel sheet into data table in qtp.
plz help me doing this



  • Hi sburra3--

    SenseTalk cannot read excel files directly (that is something that's on the roadmap). However you can read CSV files or treat them exactly like a container:
    put file "Path/To/File.csv" into myvar
    and then you can work with it. You can also treat the file itself as a container:
    put line 4 of "Path/To/File.csv" into testData
    Hope this helps!

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