Will a Catch work twice?

If I have a catch in a "Master" script like so:

put ("smoke10" , "smoke11" , "smoke6" , "smoke7" , "smoke8") into scriptList

repeat for each item in scriptList
put it
run it

// this will place the exception name into a variable
put exceptionName() & exceptionreason() into var
// this will write the value of 'var' to a file of your choosing
put var & return after file "~/Desktop/mFoundryLogs/logfile.txt"
//increment of yes will ensure that you don't replace existing images
captureScreen(name:var, increment:Yes)
end try

end repeat

... but each of the scripts I'm running also has a catch... will the catch in the master work? Since if the script in the scriptlist fails... the master won't consider that a fail?

See what I mean?


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