Working with Terminal

Ok... this is basic but I can't seem to make it work.

In Terminal I run this little .jar like so.

/Users/johnspitta/bin/ /Users/johnspitta/Desktop/mFoundryLogs/Testlinkfile.txt

how would I do that in eggplant?

put "/Users/johnspitta/bin/ /Users/johnspitta/Desktop/mFoundryLogs/Testlinkfile.txt"



  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    put shell("/Users/johnspitta/bin/ /Users/johnspitta/Desktop/mFoundryLogs/Testlinkfile.txt")
    should work.
  • Hmmm... that does work... but it also puts the output of the java.jar into the testplant log.. which I don't want... actually.

    I just want to run it. And then maybe know when it's done running? I don't really have to know when it's done running.

  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    You can also run shell as a command:
    shell "/Users/johnspitta/bin/ /Users/johnspitta/Desktop/mFoundryLogs/Testlinkfile.txt"
    That doesn't log anything. If you want to see the output, do:
    put the result
    after you run the command.
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