"Put" + 1 each time a script repeats?

I have this script that repeats 100 times.

I need to know how many times it runs before it fails.

So I I'm thinking of putting a counter in the log each time it starts.

A. Sound like the way to do it?

B. How do you do it?
repeat 100 times

     Do stuff successfully

Put <<Test>>&Xtimes&return after file "/Users/johnspitta/Desktop/Logs/TestlinkfileInput.txt"

End Repeat



  • Hey John--

    You can use the repeatIndex() function to see how many times into a loop you are. If you know it's going to fail, maybe use a try/catch block around the code:
    repeat 100 times
        //do stuff
        put repeatIndex() after file "/path/to/file"
        exit repeat --if you want to stop
      end try
      put repeatIndex() after file "/path/to/file" --if it gets all the way through
    end repeat

    Hope that helps!
  • Yup, I actually expect it to fail but I still need to know how many times it ran successfully since each run will produce records in a DB that we need to count.
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