Can't control Camera on Android

Hi. I need to test an app on an Android Phone that takes a picture.

When I Click on the button in the application that brings up the camera, TestPlant/DroidVNC do not show the camera screen or buttons. I cannot interact with the camera.

I checked the DroidVNC key mapping page and didn't see any help there.

I really need to figure this one out.

Thanks for any help!


  • Taking a picture on Android phone works for me.
    What phone model you are using?
  • Hello again! Ok, I'm back to this one...

    I'm on a Nexus S.

    When I launch the application that I'm testing and "take a picture" as the picture is "loading" SOMETIMES... about 80% of the time... the connection will freeze. Meaning the window in Eggplant of the android will freeze... i guess I've lost my connection.

    If I disconnect the connection from the connections list at this point... then our application will "unexpectedly quit"

    Could it be a port issue? I've tried 5905 and 5900... both seem the same.

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