Data Driven (again)


After spending a few hours with Eggplant I haven't been through all the documentation yet so apologies if this has been answered already

I have an excel file with a number of columns:
firstName | lastName | email etc..

test1_first | tester1_last | [email protected]
test2_first | tester2_last | [email protected]
test3_first | tester3_last | [email protected]

What I would like to do is read in each set of values (for each row)
& TypeText them in to the relevant text fields on the web page

So, firstName into firstName field, lastName into lastName field

My problem is, how?

I can read in the first column of the values using a repeat with each line of file...then I get stuck. I'm going through the list items in the documentation as we speak.

Help me Obi-Wan


gramee :?


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