Improvements to the Windows version of EggPlant.

Hi, I have been using the windows version of EggPlant for a couple of months now. I love the tech behind it, but the tooling around it needs help and that's me putting it nicely :) Here is my wish list:

1. When installing EggPlant on a windows machine, give me the option to change the drive which it installs on. Currently, it defaults to the main drive which is usually the C drive. To get around this limitation, I install on C, then copy the EggPlant folder to the drive I want it installed on. This seems to work.

2. During the install, give me the option to run the floating license server as a Windows service. We run the FLS on a server box and if its not running as a service, it won't be running when logged out of the box. To get around this we hacked it ourselves to get it running as a service. It's not pretty, but it works...

3. Improvements to the EggPlant UI. I don't have to discuss this one to much as I see I am not the only one with this request.

4. When launching the EggPlant GUI, there is a big delay which leads you to believe that it's not launching or something went wrong. I am not sure why there is a delay. Is license information processing going on right away? Can this be improved? Maybe launch the GUI right away and then show some sort of spinner/loading screen indicating some sort of action that EggPlant is performing. I get users clicking the EggPlant icon multiple times thinking its not launching and when this happens, EggPlant starts to spaz out.

5. The UI thats displayed for entering the license information is very confusing. Actually, in my opinion your entire licensing model is ridiculous :)

Anyway, again I want to say I love the EggPlant tech. Hope my comments help.



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