Log the Script results into CSV file instead of .txt


I Want to log the Master Script results into CSV instead of .txt.

Please guide me.



  • Sagar,

    The TXT results file is actually formatted as a tab delimited file which can be read in by excel without any issues. It formats the file in the following way:

    Date and Time, Command, Image,message,script line,handler,script filename

    Message could be the location where we find images, the typetext command, Log statements etc

    I hope this helps
  • SagarSagar Member
    Hi Voeten,

    Thanks for information, Could you please provide the some sample code to convert the LogFile.txt to CSV.

  • SenseTalkDougSenseTalkDoug ForumAdmin admin
    Try this:
    runWithNewResults nameOfScriptToRun
    put the result into outcome
    get file outcome.logFile
    replace every tab in it with comma
    put it into file "/tmp/convertedLogFile.csv"
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