Using Sockets to sync two scripts

I have two Eggplant license installed on a Linux machine, I run two suite's that vnc to two other Linux machines and execute a separate script on each. I have these two scripts communicate with each other via a file, I would like them to communicate via a socket. Since both scripts are controlled from one Linux machine when I do a hostAddresses they both return with the main machine address not the address of the machine tah I connected to. Question - how do you communicate on a socket on the local machine, like use IN_ADDDR_ANY with a port. I tried open socket "" and localHoast to no avail .


  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    The local machine should always be accessible at IP
  • here are my two scripts, the read does not block even for a second and never returns any data


    put "" into readme

    open socket readme

    repeat forever
    read from socket readme into data
    log "Data Rx = " && data
    wait 1
    end repeat


    put "" into writeme

    open socket writeme

    repeat forever
    write "hello" to socket writeme
    wait 1
    end repeat
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