Script for Ctrl +;

can someone clarify 'How to script below shortcut'?

Ctrl +;

I see the above shortcut actually captures the SUT and then manually save in a location.

Also please clarify me How to look "Enter Keystroke Pop up menu"? I'm searching from reference manual but haven't detail the process so confused a bit,!!!!


  • Hi, Please ignore my above question as I've actually found a solution but I'm kind of stuck when trying to retrieve the captured image.

    When I use command CaptureScreen "RemoteConnection IP"
    which actually captures the image of SUT and recorded in results.
    So when I tried to retrieve the picture it says "Picture printing is not available without the Desktop Experience Feature".

    Actually I'm not trying to print the image as I just need to validate few things by look and feel.

    So Am I doing anything wrong here??

    Please help me!!
  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    I'm not sure what you mean by "retrieve the captured" image. If you are trying to use it as a Test Image then you need to save it to the Images folder of the suite and you want to specify an "ImageInfo" property list when you capture it.
  • Thanks You. I've found the solution.

    From the user manual, now I understood the logic behind Capture Image Function.

    By default, images will save in AppData folder but you need to uncheck hide option from folder options to view this folder.

    When I say 'retrieve image', I mean was trying to save image which is captured and displayed in Test Results. But I know it's not possible to save images which were displayed in Test Results.
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