Reg : Object Identification

I am using Eggplant to automate scenarios in CATIA (Mechanical Engineering Design Tool). In the Screen the objects are displayed as Tree like structure.


I need eggplant to select the particular product from tree. Should not capture image before.

How to perform this? Kindly help me!!!


  • I'm kind of confused with your question.

    Do you mean, not to capture the image but recognising the object through text? If so, you can try below -
    Click (Text: "Prod001")
    Click (Text: "Product2")
    Click (Text: "3D")
    Note: You need to make sure, there are no such duplicate text exist on the screen. If there are then the above script need to modify.

    For example: If you know that it is the second of two occurrences of the word "Prod001" on the screen, you can use code like this to find both and click the second:
    click the last item of everyImageLocation(Text:"Prod001")

    Let me know how this goes.
  • Hi Trinadhu,

    I have tried with the syntax you have given.

    I used readtext to find the object listed in the window. I understood there will be problem in recoqnizing the text on my sut.

    For Ex:

    Product001 is on the Screen.

    But readtext property displayed it as "P r ductOOO1?

    I dont know how to make eggplant to read my object properly?
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