Eggplant bug

Hi All, I have been working on this issue since a week from but since.
Below is the screen as attachment.
The system is made so when i just move the mouse and point it on Smar Rec, it will automatically open the menu on the left (With worklist etc..).
When I do it manually it works.
When i do it thought the scripts if doesnt woks all the time. I really need help please.

Based on the scripts I do
If imageFound ("Smartrec")
MoveTo it
wait 2
If imageFound("Worklist")
Click "Worklist)
end if
end if

Thank you


  • On Windows 8 I had a similar problem trying to launch the start menu from the desktop screen. The following snippet is how I solved my problem.

    to LaunchStartMenu --From desktop
       Repeat Until ImageFound(  "Windows8_LowerLeftCorner_StartMenu" )
          MoveToEach ( 5, 5 ), ( 1, RemoteScreenSize( ).y - 1 )
       End Repeat
    end LaunchStartMenu
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