Kill iOS App

Is there a way to kill an iOS app using eggplant scripting ?


  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    As with most things in eggPlant, you do it just like a user would. So to perform this action, you would do this (assuming iOS6 behavior since we don't yet support iOS7):

    First, capture an image of the thing that you want to close with the hot spot located over the upper-left corner of the icon. Then run code like this:
    put imageLocation("ImageOfAppToClose") into closeSpot // store the current location of the upper-left corner
    keydown homekey
    wait 2
    keyup homekey // puts the os in delete mode
    Click closeSpot // click the previously saved location of the upper-left corner, which is now wiggling back and forth
  • Is there an ETA on approximately when iOS 7 support will be available ?
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