Specifying starting directory with Answer File command

I'm trying to use the 'in folder "xxx"' option for the Answer File command. No matter what I put as the option, it always seems to default to the root directory on my hard disk.

I've tried "~", "~/" and a host of other things, and nothing works.

Here's my command:

answer file "Select a file to load:" of type "txt" or "text" or "rtf" in folder "~/"

Is there something I'm missing?


  • Looks like a bug with relative paths.

    This works fine here
    answer file in folder "/Library"
  • Well when you said that /Library worked for you, I tried it myself and it *didn't*. Which made me dive a little deeper.

    I tried the very simple

    answer file in folder "/Library"

    and that worked for me, too. It seems to be a problem with parameters.

    If I do

    answer file of type "txt" or "text" or "rtf" in folder "/Library"

    it doesn't work but if I do

    answer file in folder "/Library" of type "txt" or "text" or "rtf"

    it does. So yeah, a bug, but not in the partial path stuff. (I tried "~/" again and it works now with the right parameter order.)

    Also, in my initial example, I realize I placed a text string thinking that it'd be a prompt in the choose file dialog. That parameter also causes problems and isn't actually used (although that's a FEATURE REQUEST, hint, hint).
  • your right, it is more complicated...

    this works perfect
    answer file "Select file to load" of type "txt" in folder "~/Documents"

    this one goes to the root directory and ignores the text...
    answer file "Select file to load" of type "txt" or "html" in folder "~/Documents"

  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    Yes, it appears that a bug crept into a recent release that prevents the use of multiple type filters with this command. It will be fixed in the next Eggplant release.

    As bollo notes, you can use a single type filter without any problems.
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