[eggPlant Functional] My embedded Help Text example

When I write scripts, it is not uncommon to forget how to use the script (usually handler scripts) or exactly what the script covers (usually regression scripts) a year or so later. I used to use comments to note the usage and underlying assumptions, but now I create a sub-handler a the end of the script so I don't have to visit the actual script. This handler simply returns text describing whatever is important and relevant.
to help
	return "This script  does this and that. It requires passing the parameters a,b and c. D is optional. " 
end help

// or multi-line example: 

to description
	return {{
This script does this and that.
It requires passing the parameters a,b and c. D is optional.
end description

As you're trying to remember how to use a script, you can use the "Do" line [eggPlantMatt: the Ad-Hoc Do Box, which is the text field at the bottom of the Run window] to get the text.
put myComplicatedScript.help

You can choose to use any name you want, but I have used "help". Other options might be "description" , "usage" or whatever your team decides makes sense. You can also have separate ones for different purposes.

Another use is for including a description in the results of a test run. I have an email that pulls these from whatever regression scripts are executed. This way the people on the email list know what was covered in the testing session.

I hope this helps. I think your co-eggplanters will appreciate it. :)


  • EggplantMattEggplantMatt ForumAdmin admin
    Thanks for this, Brett. This is a great example (which is why I've moved it to the eggPlant Examples forum). Really an awesome use of eggPlant features. I would just add that you can create a template script that includes an empty help handler. If nothing else, this will prompt you to put in a help message when you create a new script.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post this.
  • Thank you for sharing this with everyone :)
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