Some of MacOS 10.9 shortcut key didn't work through EggPlant

My Eggplant version is 11.3 _Mac (1205032132)
SUT: Mac OS 10.9

I have several shortcut command through EggPlant works perfectly on Mac OS 10.7 Finder Windows, but didn't work on Mac OS 10.9 for Finder Windows

For example: (Open one or more Finder Windows)
TypeText OptionKey, CommandKey, W
(* Close all windows in the application without quitting it*)

TypeText CommandKey, A
(* Highlight every item in a document or window, or all characters in a text field *)

When I manually test those shortcut keys, they works as they should be, but every time when I run those through EggPlant, they didn't works.
First one, didn't do everything.
Second one, didn't highlight any item, instead of opening Application Folder.


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