Read an item at particular row and column in excel/csv file


I am trying to read individual items in a excel/csv file. For example I want to write a function which takes the row and column number of the excel file as arguments, and returns the item at the given row and column number.

Some thing like this,

Read_Data_From_CSV(FilePath, Row, Column)

Appreciate any help on this!!!



  • SenseTalkDougSenseTalkDoug ForumAdmin admin
    Maybe this will work for you:
    to Read_Data_From_CSV FilePath, Row, Column
      if there is no file FilePath then throw "File Not Found", FilePath
      return item Column of line Row of file filePath
    end Read_Data_From_CSV

    You may want to expand on that to do additional error checking. If you'll be calling this function a lot it may be more efficient to read the file once and then access that data repeatedly (the solution shown here will read the file each time it is called).
  • Thanks A Lot!!!

    Will try that.
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