iOS Gateway 4.3

iOS Gateway 4.3 is now available for download!

iOS Gateway 4.3 Release Notes

  • Adds support for iOS 11 and Xcode 9.
  • Adds a new Diagnostics tab to help troubleshoot signing and provisioning problems.
  • Shows human-readable device type in the identity message, which is accessible in Eggplant Functional using the SutInfo() function.
  • Adds two new defaults to control screen slicing, ScreenSlicingX and ScreenSlicingY.
  • When automatic signing is enabled, considers only signing certificates that have associated private keys.
    Bug Fixes
    • Adds MaxHomeButtonPressesBeforeAutomationRestart default to trigger a restart of automation after a certain number of home button presses. This works around automation failures in certain environments.
    • Removes TPXCTestRunner from the device properly before starting automation to fix a signing issue when upgrading Xcode.
    • Clearing Allow Multiple Connections checkbox now properly prohibits multiple client connections.
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