Eggplant Performance 7.3 released

Eggplant Performance 7.3.0 has now been released and is available to download.

New features in this release are as follows:
    Automatic data correlation.
    New capability to automatically suggest values in a web recording that need to be correlated. Suggestions are made by either analyzing a recording, or by comparing a recording with a replay of a script. Data correlation rules are suggested for chosen values. [/list:u] New web log viewer.
    The web log viewer has been redesigned. New Comparison mode allows you to compare a replay with the original recording. Differences are automatically highlighted. HTTP requests/responses are automatically formatted, depending on the Content-Type. Raw text view displays exactly what was sent to/received from the server. Hex view displays the exact bytes sent/received. Searching in a web log has been greatly improved. [/list:u] Improvements to Data Correlation rules.
    Ability to use XPath expressions in correlation rules.
    Data correlation rules can now use an XPath expression to identify the value to be extracted from an HTML/XML response. New method added to the Response class: C#: Response.ExtractXPath, Java: Response.extractXPath. [/list:u] Ability to search from the end of the response in correlation rules
    When specifying the values to search for it is now possible to start the search from either the end or the beginning of the response. New method added to the Response class: C#: Response.ExtractFromEnd, Java: Response.extractFromEnd. [/list:u] Code snippets can be inserted to handle common scenarios, such as writing the extracted value(s) to the event log. [/list:u] New Replace Date/Time generation rule.
    Create generation rules that can automatically replace dates/times sent to the server during a recording with a different date/time when running the script. You can specify the format of the dates/times to be replaced. The replacement value can be the current date/time or a literal string, or a value from a data source, or the result of calling a function. New method added: C#: FormatDateTime, Java: formatDateTime. [/list:u] Improvements to Background Script generation rule.
    Any requests that match a background script rule now cause code to be generated in the background script, rather than just omitting them from the main script. [/list:u] Fine grain control over the form matching algorithm.
    Control how forms in an HTML response are matched with subsequent HTTP requests during the script generation process. [/list:u] Generate data files from a web recording.
    Generate data tables and dictionaries from a recording. Values identified as potential user input are automatically suggested, as are hosts, ports and protocols. [/list:u] Improved handling of JSON in web scripts.
    New method added: C# Response.ContentAsJson, Java: Response.getContentAsJson. [/list:u] Support for Eggplant Functional helper suites.
    Any helper suites that are used by the main suite are automatically transferred to the injector machines. [/list:u] Record using browser "incognito" mode.
    This removes the need to empty your browser cache prior to starting a web recording. [/list:u] Many more bug fixes and improvements. [/list:u]
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