iOS Gateway 5.0

iOS Gateway 5.0 is now available for download!

iOS Gateway 5.0 Release Notes

  • Adds a new option when re-signing an IPA to simulate Touch ID and Face ID.
  • Adds new TypeText key codes for Touch ID and Face ID system events. On real devices, these key codes interact with the simulated Touch/Face ID dialogs. On simulators, the same key codes interact with the Simulator app using built-in AppleScript. Use TypeText numToChar(0xFF9A) for successful or TypeText numToChar(0xFF9B) for failed Touch or Face ID events.
  • There are new per-device VNC client sharing options: Allow Multiple Connections, Client Preference, and Allow Only One Connection. There is also an additional modifier option, Keep Current VNC Client.
  • Additional checks in the Diagnostics tab help users resolve Apple code signing and provisioning problems.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixes a problem that causes some iosgd processes to hang when their devices are disconnected while running.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements.
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