Is there a way to dynamically build a reference to a container (local variable)

I am looking for a way to dynamically build a reference to set of local variables that only differentiate by a number at the end.  Is this even possible? I haven't found a way and hope someone knows of a solution.  I would really like to write some flexible code here if possible.  

local variables

repeat 3 times
  put reference of ap&counter() into staging  //puts 1
  log ap&counter()  //doesn't work.  Logs 'ap1' not the value of ap1
  log staging  // logs 1 
end repeat


  • I didn't find a way to do this but in reading around the documentation I decided to approach it a different way.  Its kinds of hacky but let me know what you think.  My workaround involves using a "list" and some key works that allow you to access the list. 

    put ap1 into problemList
    insert ap2 into problemList
    insert ap2 int problemList

    repeat 3 times
      log item Counter() of the problemList  //correct value is referenced each time.
    end repeat
  • DaveHesterDaveHester Member ✭✭
    Here is another option. BTW, name1...name3 can be row headers in Excel.
    set apple.name1 to "Gala"
    set apple.name2 to "Red Delicious"
    set apple.name3 to "Golden Delicious"
    set counter to 1
    repeat 3 times
    log apple.("name"&counter)
    set counter to counter + 1
    end repeat
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