How to get nth attribute of a page element

I'm trying to get data of an element's second attribute. For example, I have something like this: <div class = "XYZ" data-json="{ "componentname":"ABCD","orderID":"1234",.....}"
I need orderID from the above page element. 

I tried the following:

put FindElement(WebXPath:"//*[@id='main']/div[2]/div")'s  "data" & numToChar(45) & "json" --> Throws an error that DATA-JSON property isn't found.


  • MayuriMayuri Member
    This is the working solution I could figure out:

    // Get the page source of the current webpage and set it as an XML tree
       put the webdriver's pageSource as tree into x

    // Traverse through the tree to reach the tag you have the attribute you are looking for
       put item 3 of node "*" of x into body
       put item 1 of item 2 of item 11 of item 1 of node "*" of body into bodytags

    // get the data-json attribute from the tag. "data-json" isn't recognized directly so I have used ASCII value
       put bodytags.("data" & numToChar(45) & "json") into gotJson

    // My order ID is the 5th json value of the whole json response
       put item 5 of JSONValue(JSONFormat(gotJson)) into gotOrderID

    // Split the order ID by " : " and " " ". Again, use ASCII values when eggplant can't recognize certain characters
       split gotOrderID by ":"
       split second item of gotOrderID by numToChar(34)
       put second item of second item of gotOrderID into salesforceID
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