Connecting To An Oracle DB From Eggplant Functional

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Long time automation technical user, but only recently started using Eggplant. In the past I have used predominantly UFT and VBA / VBScript.

I have used a legacy UFT Script as a starting point and have managed to modify it to connect to an Oracle DB and successfully execute some SQL using a standalone VBScript, but I have been unable to get the connection to work in Eggplant.

The documentation for DBConnections that I was able to find seems very limited, could someone please offer some tips or pointers on how to do this?

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  • MichaelQNMichaelQN Member
    edited March 2019
    After some help from Eggplant Support it turned out I needed to add a DSN to the Oracle Admin (64-Bit) tool, after that I was able to make a connection to the DB and execute some SQL.

    I created a DSN in the admin tool called "Oracle" with the relevant Data Source value.

    set myDB to (type:"odbc", DSN:"Oracle", user:DBUsername, password:DBPassword)
    open database myDB
    put executeSQL(myDB, MySQL) into DBResults
    close database myDB

    Log "DB Results : " & DBResults
    Log "1st Item : " & The First Item Of DBResults
    Log "Password : " & DBResults.Password

    It would have been nice to be able to find some detailed documentation on this to save having to og to support. Unfortunately what I found on the topic of DB connections was very limited. More detailed stuff may exist but I couldn't find it.
    Anyway, hopefully this post will help others one day!
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