Existing Multi layer Repeat until Loop

Hi All,

I've a scenario where I need to select a record from a table grid by checking the check box. There are multiple column data to match for selection.
I'm using Excel to send the data combination.So, I'm using 'Screen Part' function to limit the search area and then multiple layer of Repeat until loops.
I'm able to achieve the check box selection BUT NOT able to exist all the loops and move forward with other actions..

Action 1 (Open Page)

//Select the desire record check box
Repeat until loop 1
Finding values in Col 1

-------Repeat until loop 2
-------Finding values in Col 2

-----------Repeat until loop 3
-----------Finding values in Col 3

---------------Repeat until loop 4
---------------Finding values in Col 4
---------------Select the Check box
---------------End Repeat 4

----------End Repeat 3

-------End Repeat2

End Repeat1

Action 2 (Save)

Here the prob I'm facing is once the loop 4 completed it's not exiting all the loops for Save action INSTEAD existing layer by layer which is not helping me to complete the execution

Please suggest the best way...
Thanks & Regards
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