runscript command line ignores Eggplant preferences?

I have told Eggplant | Preferences that I do not want:
1) reverse VNC connection
2) automatic connection to the SUT on startup

And these are honored when I run Eggplant interactively. However, when I run my script via the command line 'runscript', here is what I get (which indicates that the reverse vnc connection is started and that it tries to connect to some machine:

2006-08-25 09:15:49.638 runscript[15840] Successfully Loaded XModule /Applications/ SenseTalkEngine.framework/Resources/STColor.xmodule
2006-08-25 09:15:49.870 runscript[15840] Listening For Reverse Connections on Port 5500
2006-08-25 09:15:50.805 runscript[15840] Approved License: Name = com.altera.2, Remark = , Serial = 7103, Users = 1
runscript (3.1) running in FULL mode on Host:9362328c.
2006-08-25 09:15:50.806 runscript[15840] Trying to connect - 5900
2006-08-25 09:15:50.913 runscript[15840] Sending Password
2006-08-25 09:15:50.979 runscript[15840] CONNECTING TO SERVER SC-XP-TEST
Screen Size 1024 X 768 [32 24 0 1]
2006-08-25 09:15:51.279 runscript[15840] Connection Established

Is there some other way to set these preferences for runscript?


  • Unfortunately, you can't specify these preferences via runscript options. We'll consider this as a feature request and will keep you updated. If you want to override the auto-connection at start-up from connecting to the wrong machine you can specify the host, port, and password options (Eggplant Reference, page 142).
  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    Actually Eggplant should already honor those settings when you run Eggplant from the command line on the same account, if you run from a different account however it reverts to the default.

    You can explicitly override the defaults (or the current user setting) by including these arguments in command line:
    -AllowReverseConnections YES/NO
    -RestoreConnection YES/NO
  • Thanks Jonathan. Guess I should have thought of that.

    BTW, the commandline is getting run by a different user for automation purposes. (Maybe I should have thought of that too. :) )

  • Hmm. I don't see those command line options in the documentation marked version 3.1.

    Is there a later version of documentation to get?

    I'll go take a peek at the website.
  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    edited January 2007
    Those values aren't explicit command-line options, those flags actually set the underlying application's preferences.

    Technically speaking, because of the Mac OS X preferencing system ALL preferences can be specified in this way. But documenting some of them would be really ugly and so it's sort of an "as-needed" solution. Somewhat equivalent to modifying a Window's Registry setting.
  • I see the plist file with the settings and had some fun playing with the OSX defaults command.

    Thanks for the peek behind the curtain. :wink:

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