eggplant to post captured images using XMLRPC

I have a situtaion wherin I want to post some catutred image to another m/c using xml rpc . Can you advise if there are any tricks to achieve this

(*Handler is the Class that will be invoked when an RPC Call is made;
method is the Method is class Handler which would be invoked;
Strparams is a list of arguments passed as a String sperated by commas;
xmlrpcServerIP is the IPAddress of the XMLRPCServer;
xmlrpcServerPort is the Port  of the XMLRPCServer to connect to *)

params handler , method ,Strparams , returnVal 

put handler&"."&method   into meth
put  my folder into currFolder
put currFolder&"/../Data/Config/xmlrpc.ini" into rpcini
open file rpcini
repeat forever
	read 1 line from file rpcini
	if it is empty then  exit repeat -- we've reached the end of the file    
	put it into currLIne
	if "xmlrpcserverIP" is in currLine then
		put item 2 of split(currLine ,":") into xmlrpcserverIP
	End If	
	if "xmlrpcserverPort" is in currLine then
		put item 2 of split(currLine ,":") into xmlrpcserverPort
	End If
end repeat
put xmlrpcserverIP&":"&xmlrpcserverPort into servDet
close file rpcini

if Strparams is null then
	put  <<return>>&backslash&quote&handler&<<.>>&method&backslash&quote&<< }>> into command
	put  <<return>>&backslash&quote&handler&<<.>>&method&backslash&quote&<<parameter>>& Strparams&<<}}>> into command
end if
answer Strparams
answer command
answer handler 
answer returnVal 

set temp to merge of {{

script test
	on func(serverDetails, commandDetails)
		using terms from application "http://localhost/"
			tell application ("http://" & serverDetails )
			end tell
		end using terms from
	end func
end script

test's func("[[servDet]]", [[command]])

answer temp

do Applescript temp

put the result

This is the generic script which is called by other scripst .eg. start a NFS SErverice etc


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