Input file location in Eggplant suites

Hi Again,

I would like to know that the Eggplant suite structure supports to have a collection/database of input files :?:

I'm using text files for data input to the suites, which are stored in the ~/Documents directory of the login account.
So are there any dedicate structure to place all this files along with the suite :?:


  • SenseTalkDougSenseTalkDoug ForumAdmin admin
    As you may know, a suite is actually stored as a folder on disk. The suite folder contains subfolders for Scripts, Images, and Results. I would suggest that you add another subfolder called Data, containing your data files.

    Then, to access the files you'll need a way to find the Data folder from a script. A script can access the folder it's in (the Scripts subfolder of the suite) as "my folder". Then the suite itself is "my folder's folder". So to read a data file from your Data folder you could do this:
    set dataFolder to my folder's folder & "Data/"
    set dataFilePath to dataFolder & "DataFileName"
    put file dataFilePath into myData
    I hope that helps.
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