About open command

This is what I did.
open "Finder"
But it only opens the Finder on my computer not the one I'm controlling through VNC. How do you fix this?


  • ToddTodd Member
    The 'open' SenseTalk command applies to the local host system. You can open a particular application using the following script included in your libraries/suite of scripts. With a small modification this handler could be made to goto a particular folder in the file system via the Finder on the SUT.

    to OpenMacApp app

    set app to words 1 to -1 of param(1)
    if char 1 of app <> "/" then
    OpenMacApp "/Applications/" & app
    split app by "/"
    set ( base, name ) to ( "/" & items 2 to -2 of app joined by "/", item -1 of app )

    TypeText F11 -- expose mode
    Click (50,50) -- bring up the finder as current application
    TypeText commandDown, shiftDown, "g", shiftUp, commandUp
    wait 30 ticks
    TypeText base & return -- type the directory, and return to open up the path
    wait 30 ticks
    TypeText name -- get the right application hilited
    TypeCommand "o" -- open the application
    end if

    wait 2 seconds

    end OpenMacApp
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