How to confirm an image DOESN't show up.

I know there is an easy way for this but... how do you confirm an image DOES NOT show up?



  • Page 85 of the Eggplant Reference manual may have the answer for you. Given an optional 0 value for the time alloted, and an optional list of images, you should be able to immediately search without repositioning the mouse or retrying more than 1 time for an image to be present on the SUT screen.
    Note: A maximum time of 0 causes Eggplant to perform an immediate search, without refreshing the Viewer window or repositioning the mouse in a further attempt to find the image. This is the fastest way to search for an image that may not be present.

    Possibly the use of the following may help for N images...
    if not ImageFound(0, images) then
    	do somethingMagical
    end if
  • As mentioned here:

    try to waitFor 5, someImage 
    if the exception is not empty then put "Test Passed"
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