Strange input issue with Vine 3 and Leopard

EzremEzrem Member
When I connect to my mac from my WinXP notebook running UltraVNC's bundled VNC Viewer or Tight VNC Viewer (or for that matter I imagine any viewer, though I haven't tried Vine from another mac because I don't have another mac), I have run into some strange keyboard issues:

If I try to use spotlight, keying "i" or "r" triggers the CMD-letter action for those keys.

For example, if I try to do a spotlight search for "split" for split & concatenate, I type s p l i, but only the s p l register in the spotlight dropdown. Once I type the i, the finder opens the info pane for the first result in my search, which coincidentally enough is the Split & Concat app file.

Regardless of the results, I can't type the letter "i" or the letter "r" (gets me Reveal in Finder) in a spotlight search while connected with VNC. It's like the mac thinks my CMD key is held down or something. This behavior does not occur if I interact with the mac desktop directly.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


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